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HP OA 11.11 agent installation error.

HP OA 11.11 agent installation error.

Dear Experts,


We are running with agent OA 11.03 , OMW management server version is OMW 8.16 and OMW application is running on Windows 2003 (SP2)server.


I’ve gone through the SUMA and found that OA 11.11 supports for OMW 8.16 and with OMW 8.16 application OS 2k3. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I’ve downloaded the OA11.11 for all Operating systems and trying install but getting the below error.

I’m just executing "cscript oainstall.vbs  –i –m " on management server with this package, please let me know if there are any  other steps to be followed ?


sekar sundaram
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP OA 11.11 agent installation error.

Hi Suresh, Found this on another post...this is for 11.10, but check it may work for 11.11 as well..


There is an issue while installing Agent version 11.10, the oainstall.log shows the following error

D:\Deployments\Agents\11.10\scripts\oaproductinstall_Windows_X64.vbs(4046, 18) Microsoft VBScript runtime error:Path not found


This is caused because the OVCSL_USER_TMP environment variable was set to a tmp location for a different user profile.


The value of the environment variable must be corrected to fix the Agent + SPI installation.


Open the system settings to set the value of "OVCSL_USER_TMP" variable.


1) Right click on "My Computer" and select properties

2) Click on "Advanced system settings" and select Envirionment variables

3) Look for OVCSL_USER_TMP variable in the System and update the value to a working tmp location.


Hope it helps anyone facing this issue.

Re: HP OA 11.11 agent installation error.

Dear Sekar,


Thank you for your quick responce.


OVCSL_USER_TMP varilable is not listed under variables section, i've manually created the variable OVCSL_USER_TMP and i've given the varilable value as %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp  (TMP).


but wheni ran the agent installation script on OMW manageemnt server i'm still getting the same error which i've posted with my first post.



Suresh Reddy

HPE Expert

Re: HP OA 11.11 agent installation error.

Hi Suresh,


I would strongly suggest to upgrade the OS on the Management Server or keep with Agent 11.0X as Windows 2003 is supported with limitations.


You may verify this on the Support Matrix you checked earlier.


The best option would be to upgrade the OS to be able to install latest Agent patches and get the benefit of their fixes.



Hope this helps,



HP Support                             


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