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Further details about Expert Day


Further details about Expert Day



We are pleased to announce the fist community Expert Day on the topic of Operations Management - including SiteScope, November 10/11, starting at 8am Pacific time.


Expert Day is a 24 hour forum based event where you can log in and ask questions of HP Operations Management/SiteScope Experts who are ready to help you online.  


Topics appropriate for this Expert Day would include:  

  • How to monitor different IT environments (heterogeneous, virtualized, private cloud, etc.)
  • Best practices
  • Product integrations
  • Tips and tricks
  • Using agents and agentless monitoring together
  • Information on new products (Operations Manager 9, SiteScope 11, Operations Manager i9) 
  • Product features
  • Resources (requests for case studies, white papers, and collateral)

On the day of the event, simply NAVIGATE HERE and get started asking your questions!  The HP Experts that will be participating can be identified by the HP Expert icon next to their names.





  • In order to ask questions in the community you must be signed in.  If you haven't already joined the community you can do so by clicking on the "Sign In" link at the top of the screen, entering (or creating) your HP Passport credentials, and creating your community screen name.
  • To ask a new question simply click on the "New Message" button and type into the WYSIWYG interface.
  • To reply to an existing question simply click on the Subject Title of the message (in bold).  This will open up the question.  Then "Reply" button.
  • To monitor when an Expert or other community members has replied to your message, you can choose to RSS or email subscribe and you'll receive notice.  This can be done by going into your original message and under "topic options" click either RSS or Subscribe.
  • If you encounter any issues during the session, feel free to send a message to
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Re: Further details about Expert Day

OMi 9.0 adds some critical capabilities eg. event prioritization based on business impact, the ability to manage 3rd party domain managers per integration adapter (no more top level OM management server required), new interfaces to incident and notification servers (eg. Service Manager, Remedy), and improved integration with Operations Orchestration (launch runbooks from events).


Besides this, configuration of TBEC (topology based event) correlation rules has been greatly simplified, e.g. you can now select a couple of events in the event browser, and use the already available event properties such as CI relationship and ETIs to develop new correlation rules.

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Re: Further details about Expert Day



Currently we have integrated NNMi 9 -> OMW - >SD. What are the benefits of integrating NNMi 9 -> BSM 9 ( OMi 9 )  - > SM over NNMi 9 - >OMW 8.16 - >SM  ?


We do not have TBEC license for OMi 9, we purchased just event management license.





Re: Further details about Expert Day

Hi Latha -


I want to be sure that everyone can see your question.  I have moved your original question out of this post and on to its own post here:


If you can continue the thread of questions and answers there that would be excellent. 




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