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Event Correlation in HP OM 9.0

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Event Correlation in HP OM 9.0

Hello All,


I want to correlate the HPOM alerts using correlation composer. For that I have created a fact store file in correlation composer and now I want to create an ecs circuit for the same. Can anyone tell me the procedure to create an ecs circuit file from fact store file.


I have deployed HP OMW 9.0 on windows server 2008 R3 machine.


Kindly help me to solve this problem.


Kind Regards,

Amit Bandal

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Re: Event Correlation in HP OM 9.0

Not exactly trivial.

I don't know Windows..... but most should apply.


I suppose you had a look at composer.pdf

You don't use circuits anymore in the same way as before.

Instead you deploy a premade circuit(comes with HPOM) that compiles your factstore when deployed.


In short.

1. The node should be in the policy-group "Correlation Composer"

2. The ecspolicy "Correlation Composer" must be distributed to the Agent/Server.

When out, opceca and opcecaas is started by ovcd

3. You need server-MSI or agent-MSI enabled depending on where you deploy your stuff.

4. You need a policy distributed with matching content type "SNMP/CMIP/X733/OpC", with a condition matching the ECS and has Message Stream Interface/Agent MSI/(for example)Divert Messages/

5. ovocomposer -install -fs /opt/CORRELATION/COMPOSER/FS/<ecs_factstore_name.fs> -agt <nodename>

Check for errors
/var/opt/OV/log/OpC/ecenglg on <nodename>

Check agent: -i = instance, 12 is Agent, 11 is Server.

ecsmgr -i 12 -info


Hope this gets you on path to the correlator journey.

Br Fredrik

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Re: Event Correlation in HP OM 9.0

Hello Amit,

Document just misguides. no need to create any ecs circuit as Composer is light version of ECS and comes with predfined circuit.

and to use this predfined circuit i would just deploy the default policy "correlation composer".