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Couldn't connect to HP Operations agent database

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Couldn't connect to HP Operations agent database

Ive been experimenting with ovowmsgutil.exe -ack on OMW 8.16 + OA 8.60 and and got this error message after restart of server services

ERROR:    Couldn't connect to HP Operations agent database (MSGU400).:


vpstat seems to think everything is in order:


vpstat -3 -l
running: D:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\vpstat.exe
version: A. on HPOM
now:     Mon Dec 19 14:57:30 2011

==================== Services Information ==================

Configuration file: D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HP\HP B
  Date: Fri Oct 22 15:34:46 2010
  Remark: HP Operation Manager - Performance.

Services on     : LOCAL MACHINE

(NT Services) :
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvAutoDiscovery Server ( OvAutoDiscovery Serv
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvCtrl ( HP OpenView Ctrl Service )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvDnsDscr ( OvDnsDiscoveryService )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvEpMessageActionServer ( OvEpMessageActionSe
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvEpStatusEngine ( OvEpStatusEngine )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvMsmAccessManager ( OvMsmAccessManager )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvOWReqCheckSrv ( OvOWReqCheckSrv )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvowWmiPlatProv ( OvowWmiPlatProv )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvPmad ( OvPmad )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvSecurityServer ( OvSecurityServer )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvServerMonitor ( OvServerMonitor )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OVServiceLogger ( OVServiceLogger )
                SERVICE_RUNNING  : OvStoreProv ( OvStoreProv )

                OK: All services : SERVICE_ACTIVE


ovc showed all components runing also.


Any idea what this could be? I'm curious cause the system has occasional problem when opcmona policies stop executing without any trace in system.txt or service status reports.

Anita Roseline
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Re: Couldn't connect to HP Operations agent database



If you wanted to use ovowmsgutil to clear acknowledges fromt he database directly, You need to login with the user account, that has access to openview DB.Else you cannot clear mesages from OMW.


ovowmsgutil.exe - Tries to connect to openview Db and then clear acknowledged messages directly from Database.If the user account you have logged in does not have proper previledge,you will get the below error.

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Re: Couldn't connect to HP Operations agent database



This error typically occurs if the OMW database is remote and the user who is running ovowmsgutil command does not have full admin rights for the OMW database instance. Check this self-solve documen that gives you a workaround


Hopefully this will help you.