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Josef Roth_2
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Systems Mangement Homepage

I have the following security vulnerabilities on several hundred proliant servers.

- SSL Server Supports Weak Encryption
- SSL Server Uses Weak Encryption
- SSL Server Has SSLv2 Enabled
- SSL Certificate - Signature Verification Failed
- SSL Certificate - Self-Signed Certificate
- SSL Certificate - Subject Common Name Does Not Match Server FQDN

All of them are caused by the HP System Management Homepage (v2.0.1.104) which listens on SSL port 2381. Is there a way to enable SSLv3 and turn-off SSLv2 and also restrict access to strong encryption only?

I got stuck and it seams it is not possible to disable v2. My attempts to change the config file "C:\hp\hpsmh\conf\smhpd.conf" was without success. The file gets dumped when the SysMgmtHP service starts up. Therefore, I assume configuration settings are hard coded somewhere.

A look at the SSLCipherSuite entry shows that v2 is enabled.

This should be changed to:

see attachment




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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event