Import / Export for Record Types

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Import / Export for Record Types

It would be GREAT to have the ability to export record types from one dataset (say development or test) and then import them into a production dataset. 


For a true development/test/production environment, we simply cannot just copy the datasets to Production once it makes it through Test and it's approved. 


I suspect there may be ramifications that I am unaware of that may prevent this type of enhancement, but thought I'd put it out there (again).


At a minimum, please allow the Exporting of the Record Type configurations and System Options, so we can use that for documenting an "as built" TRIM configuration.


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Re: Import / Export for Record Types



I would welcome such an enhancement. It is amazing how often little things are missed or mistyped when creating a record type in Production from a tested version in a Development or Test environment. I would assume there are issues with access controls and record numbering patterns etc unless all datasets are identical (same locations, same configuration options etc).

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Re: Import / Export for Record Types

I would agree whole heartedly :smileyhappy:


It is an issue where you have to manully re-enter record type - open to errors (just human nature!).


I guess it becomes complictaed trying to tie together all the different elements - numbering, additional fields , lookup sets, etc. , but would definately be a worthwhile enhancement.