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storage essentials eva failures events reporting

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storage essentials eva failures events reporting

Hi everybody, I have installed storage essentials enterprise edition 6.0 and applied the SP 4 the software is integrated with HP SIM 5.3, I did the SIM and SE discovery and it seems to be OK, but when I did some testings, I found that Storage Essentals does not detect or give any kind of message when I disconnect or disable a FC cable or switch port from the EVA 4400 which we are monitoring, the same is for servers windows ... hp ux .. we shutdown the servers or disconnect FC cables and Storage Essentials does not report the failures on the event manager or in the topology map, we review the events on each device and SE marks everything OK, In HP SIM the server failures are being reported and some of the events of the EVA are showed on the events section of the Command View Appliance, but this is in HP SIM,

Does anybody knows if there is a limitation on Storage Essentials about failure events reporting???

Or all the failure events related to storage arrays or servers must be monitored and viewed forcefully on HP SIM???

I reviewed the documentation an I have not found any information about this issue

Thanks in advance


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