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XML Error

Cormac O'Reilly
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XML Error



I am getting an error in my event Manager to do with one of my San Cabinets:


Summary Text Updating StorageSynchronized status failed for system(s) SANCAB21 because XMLERROR ;
Probable Cause XMLERROR



any ideas what may have caused this and any way to resolve would be greatly appreciated.


also, another problem im having is on one of my exchange clusters SE doesnt seem to recognise when it fails over even after I GAED and i am getting errors as in could not find the store L:\\exchange\.......\ex2db3.edb..... each time the collectors run.

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Re: XML Error

Sounds like an SMI-S problem.

If the connection is part of Command View -EVA check that the CV server is running the SMI-S

If the connection is part of BROCADEs SMI-A, check that the SMI-A is up and can connect to the switch.

I've seen this error more when dealing with BROCADE communication via the SMI-A.


You should really log a support call to troubleshoot this.  Lots of variables.


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Re: XML Error

For the 2nd part...I've seen that SE doesn't react well to having storage failover amongst cluster nodes.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event