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Support for EMC Data Domain (VTL) using Netbackup

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Support for EMC Data Domain (VTL) using Netbackup

Hi all,


In SE 9.7 Backup Manager, is there ability (or any insight to share) if I wanted to discover information for an EMC Data Domain VTL 990.  This would be using Netbackup for the backup manager?   I’m aware that there’s a “known issue” documented where Netbackup does not report media information for disk based backups but I’m not sure if the “known issue” is a Netbackup issue?  Or is it something where data isn’t being retrieved (but possibly could be)?  Or … something more specific with the device?


Thanks in advance for any information/insight.


- Mike Pratt

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Re: Support for EMC Data Domain (VTL) using Netbackup

Hello ,

I know this is an old post.

EMC Data Domain is not currently supported by SE 9.7 but there's already an Enhacement Request opened.  I am copying the link to for your reference.

Enhancement Request: Management server software should be able to manage EMC Data Domain -

Support for EMC data domain is also under investigation for a future release of the newest Storage Operations Manager.

Enhancement request to add support for EMC Data Domain -

It is possible to add you as a customer wanting this improvement for the product by opening a Support Case.

I hope that it helps.