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Storage essentials vmware discovery

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Storage essentials vmware discovery

I have SE v6 with patch 4 installed and can now discover the esx hosts and virtual machines through Virtual Centre, but the system manager doesnt show all of the VMs correctly.
It shows the ESX host with a number of VMs with IDs such as "VirtualMachine_658370" rather than its proper server name. On another part of the page the Virtual Machines are shown with their correct name but they are not linked to the SAN or the ESX host.
All of our VMs run VMtools and some even have the CIM Extensions installed.
I have tried re-running discovery, but no change.
How does the discovery process identify the VM and where does the ID come from.
All of our VMs are windows machines.
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Re: Storage essentials vmware discovery

I'm having a similar issue- MOST of our esx hosts are showing up, that is, I can see theirhost id.

However- when I click on one of our arrays, and Show Impact- it shows which physical ESX boxes are impacted, but not which vm hosts. Sicen we have multipel arrays, and multiple luns attached to each ESX box, it'd be nice to know which actual vm's would be impacted by an array outage.

Do I need to install the CIM and add the host for each VM? Thats a pain, since we have about 450 of them...