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Storage essential Perf pack configuration


Storage essential Perf pack configuration


I have an SE platform in version 9.5.1


We bought one performance license for EVA and one for XP.


I installed license in SE. Seems to be OK.


I have a question regarding adding perf data collection for an already discovered array (by example the EVA).

When I go to configuration/Performance, I only see the SE Server and the database perf collection is started).

I don’t see how to add some existing array …. and to setup for the a selected array some performance collectors


May be I missed one step ..


Do you have any idea on this ?


Thanks in advance



Re: Storage essential Perf pack configuration

I finally found that this can be setup in the licensing configuration ..
so no wall is OK

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Re: Storage essential Perf pack configuration

The Performance Pack/Performance Pack Enterprise Plug-in license must first be associated with a given storage system under the navigation Security > Licenses... Performance Licensing Tab.


For HP P6000/EVA, once the license is associated with an array, the associated collectors will be visible and can be started.


For HP P9000/XP, after associating the license, the managed host designated and configured as a performance proxy must be selected on the array poperties page, and then the performance collectors can be started.


After enabling the performance collectors, you can test "real-time" performance in Performance Manager or the Analytics tab for an array. Historical views will require some time to populate, as multiple data points will need to be collected first.


Performance details will be available in Report Optimizer after the next Report Cache Refresh (RCR) has completed.

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