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Storage Essentials "access point is quarantined"

Van de Vyvere C

Storage Essentials "access point is quarantined"


our EVA Storage Essentials config shows multiple minor system alerts on all the servers working on it. I think this is since the first setup , but now shows up as email alerts since I configured HP SIM for alerting on all systems.
When I search the string in Google there's nothing that matches.
Error :
The access point of com.appiq.toolkit.topology.impl.HostImpl:2571,cxws:// is quarantined

Where should I start for this ?

Thx in advance.
S Petersen
Regular Contributor.

Re: Storage Essentials "access point is quarantined"

Assuming Storage Essentials is the same as the one I know (HDS HSSM), you have to take that system out of quarantine but going to Discovery, Details and looking for the element with a red flag against it. Select it (and only it) and click the Clear Quarantine button.

Then just try to figure out why it was in quarantine. Try doing an Update Element Data and if that fails, try discovering it again. You can also try restarting the service on the host.

WMI and Java problems can cause problems that wont go away.