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Storage Essentials and Cluster / Data Protector / User

Michel Pedone
Occasional Contributor

Storage Essentials and Cluster / Data Protector / User

I have some problems with Storage Essentials v5.1 sp1 ( installed on a windows 2003 sp1 server with Insight manager 5 sp5.

- Impossible to detect the HP Data
Protector application. The software is
installed on a windows 2003 cluster. I know
that SE doesn't support de windows
clustering but is normal that the software
cannot be detected on a single node of the

- No users detected on Application / File
Server. I added the
line "fileSrm.collectWindowsSID=true"
on the "configuration - product health -
disk space - advanced" option, but nothing
change. Other ideas?

- I use 4 Cisco Catalyst switches (2x9509 an
2x9140). The SE detects all the ports of
the switches and it increments the license
maps. The problem is that I dont'use all
the ports of my switches and if I try to
put the ports on "shutdown" mode, nothing
changes on SE licensing. Normally I hope
it's possible to pay only "used port"



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Re: Storage Essentials and Cluster / Data Protector / User


what licenses do you have for SE?
You would need a Backup Manager license to discover Data Protector, although it is still not supported in a cluster. You need File System Viewer license for Data about users on File Systems.

It does not matter if you use the switch ports or not. They are present in the switch, so they each count as a MAP.

Michel Pedone
Occasional Contributor

Re: Storage Essentials and Cluster / Data Protector / User

I have all licenses needed for backup and file servers.

Ok for the Maps, but I think it's not normal :(
I have 200 ports on my switches and I use only 60... and I must pay for 200 :(
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event