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Storage Essentials - SNMP traps etc.

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Storage Essentials - SNMP traps etc.


I am searching informations about my problem, but I cannot find resolution.
My problem is that I have to integrate Storage Essentials with third-party monitoring software. Solution desinger wants to use SNMP traps which will be send from SE to monitoring agent - SNMP probe installed on the same machine as SE (Win2k8).
I have the following questions:
1. Can I change the SNMP destination port on SE? SE is using Windows SNMP Traps service for probing and monitoring devices (f.e. switches), and this service is using standard UDP port 162. I mustn't change this port. BTW, I don't know how. But it is potential danger, because this configuration may causes conflicts.
2. On the SNMP probe configuration I have to create rules file for translating SNMP traps. Where I can get the SE SNMP trap specyfication from? It is required to write the rules file.
3. Where I can find HP MIB for SE6.3?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




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