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Storage Essentials, SIM and RSM on the same box?

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Storage Essentials, SIM and RSM on the same box?

Hello Guys

I have two EVA8400 to be replicated (CA) on each site I have a VLS9000 and a x3800 box, and in one of them a DL380G6 as a Storage Server.

I want to deploy HP Storage Essentials, HP System Insight Manager and RSM, so my question is: Where should I install Storage Essentials, SIM and RSM? Is there any reason why any of this applications can't coexist on the same box?

I was considering install SE, SIM and RSM on the same box, should I deploy them on the x3800 as well?




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Sheldon Smith
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Re: Storage Essentials, SIM and RSM on the same box?

The last time I looked, the manager platform was not SUPPORTED with anything on it besides the Oracle database, Storage Essentials, HP SIM, Report Optimizer, and Report Database. And when a single server was used, it needed a LOT of memory: Minimum Recommended: 16 GB

While having all three MAY be technically feasible for small environments, if you have a problem with Storage Essentials and need to contact HP Support, they will undoubtedly tell you to move RSM to another server and let them know if the problem still exists.

Anyone know any *technical* reason why all three (SE, HP SIM, and RSM) could not co-exist? Like network port conflict?

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Re: Storage Essentials, SIM and RSM on the same box?

We decided to deploy SE and SIM on different boxes as per HP advice.