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Storage Essentials Reporting Units Change?

Kevin McIntyre
New Member.

Storage Essentials Reporting Units Change?

I am running into a very frustrating issue (at least for me) where I look at Capacity Manager for my arrays and it shows the data in MB. When I run the Aggregated Storage System Capacity report under Systems > Storage Systems, that data is reported in GB.
Is there a way to change either one of the units in which these modules report? It is frustrating to not be able to do a sanity check of the data from one screen to another. There needs to be some consistency. Who reports on their arrays in MB nowadays anyway?

I am running HP SE Enterprise 6.0.4 on Windows.

Kevin McIntyre
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: Storage Essentials Reporting Units Change?

I too find the same issue..

I could not see any options to change the MB to GB or GB to MB in Reports or in Capacity.

I was told by HP that Report optimizer has multi options, its again cost..

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