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Storage Essentials Questions

Matthew W Hilzi
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Storage Essentials Questions


Have recently taken on a legacy implementation of HP SIM/Storage Essntials (installed on two seperate servers), and, whilst I've managed to get it mostly working, I'm having a great deal of trouble answering two simple questions:

(1) The SE server was virtualised some time ago - is this a problem? Is it supported, or does it have to be a physical server?

(2) The SE server itself is getting a NO_CIMOM alert every hour. I'm under the impression that the CIM agent shouldn't be installed on the master server, so what does this alert mean?



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Sheldon Smith
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Re: Storage Essentials Questions

As far as the first, Storage Essentials is not supported on a virtual server. No idea about the NO_CIMOM alert.

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Matthew W Hilzi
New Member.

Re: Storage Essentials Questions

Thanks for that. I assumed as much, but I need specific confirmation before I can organise for it to be 'un-virtualised'.

Is there any HP document that specifies that it isn't supported? Is it simply that HP doesn't want to go there, or is there actually an issue with the software when on a VM?