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Storage Essential - functionality

Hoang Jagiello
Super Collector

Storage Essential - functionality

There is such a product to managing SAN. I found some marketing slogans of it: discovery, topology mapping, visualisation, capasity managment, performance monitoring, reporting etc.

Is this software enable configuring SAN elements (HBA, routers, switches) or this is utility to read existing configuration and present it in "grafical" format.
Anybody is already using it? This is new product in HP - was taken from AppIQ in place of SAM(which is also not known yet for me)

Any general comments about using it already?
Vincent Fleming
Super Collector

Re: Storage Essential - functionality

The basic product gives the graphical display, monitoring, and reporting functions, but there are add-on modules that do more things.

The Provisioning Manager will create LUNs on your disk array, zone your switches, and all that, in one simple step.

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