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(SOM) Support Tip: Unable to license Performance Pack license for 3PAR arrays

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(SOM) Support Tip: Unable to license Performance Pack license for 3PAR arrays

Hello SOM Community,

There is a known issue that affects the ability to enable Performance Pack Licenses for 3PAR arrays for Storage Operations Manager 10.10 after installing hotfix #0023.

The issue isn't specifically with the hotfix itself, but is with the 3PAR Device Bundle ( included with the hotfix.

There is a table within the SOM 10.10 database that maintains the list of device bundles.  Within this table, there is a boolian field that indicates if a device has the Performance Pack enabled.  This specific device bundle changed this setting from 'Y' to 'N'.  This change made it so that 3PAR arrays will not even show within the option to assign a Performance Pack license to them.

There is a hotfix currently available with an updated version of the 3PAR array device bundle (10.10.052) that corrects this issue.

If you encounter this issue, check your device bundle version by using the following command and updated :
somproviderlist.ovpl -active

Each device bundle that has been updated after the original release will have a 'build' number after the release version.

C:\Windows\system32>somproviderlist.ovpl -active
Bundle Name                             Active Flag     Bundle Version
HP 3Par - SMI-S                              Y          10.10.049

To address this issue, update the HP 3PAR device bundle to 10.10.052 or later.  If an updated 3PAR device bundle cannot be found on HPE Live Network, then contact support.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Good luck with your environments.



Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer