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(SOM) Support Tip: Tweaking SOM Log File amount and size.

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(SOM) Support Tip: Tweaking SOM Log File amount and size.

The SOM (Storage Operations Manager) default log file settings for the som.log(s) and some-trace.log(s)  is set to 100 Files with each a maximum of 10 MB. If you want to decrease the total amount of Files (or even increase to have the logs cover a longer time frame) you can edit the following configuration to adjust the log file behavior:

SOM running on Windows:


(e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\NNM\server\deploy\jboss-logging.xml )

SOM running on Linux:


Consider to take a backup of this file outside the SOM installation directory to revert incorrect changes before editing it.

Close to the end of the jboss-logging.xml file you will find a block starting with

<!-- ======================= -->
<!-- Setup the Log Files     -->
<!-- ======================= -->

For the som.log you will find the line:

<size-rotating-file-handler file-name="$[jboss.server.log.dir]/som.log" name="FILE" autoflush="true" append="true" rotate-size="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.main.size,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.size:10M]" max-backup-index="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.main.count,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.count:100]">

For the som-trace.log the line:

<size-rotating-file-handler file-name="$[jboss.server.log.dir]/som-trace.log" name="TRACE_FILE" autoflush="true" append="true" rotate-size="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.trace.size,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.size:10M]" max-backup-index="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.trace.count,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.count:100]">


Change these parameters to the desired values (e.g. having 10 Logfiles with each a maximum size of 100MB).

Example line of configuring the som-trace log behavior with 10 files and max size of 100MB:

<size-rotating-file-handler file-name="$[jboss.server.log.dir]/som-trace.log" name="TRACE_FILE" autoflush="true" append="true" rotate-size="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.trace.size,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.size:100M]" max-backup-index="$[com.hp.ov.nnm.log.trace.count,com.hp.ov.nnm.log.count:10]">

We don't recommend to set the log file size and amount of files to a very low value, since support might require to have a certain time-frame covered for trouble shooting.

After saving the jboss-logging.xml file it will be reuired to stop and start the somjboss service with the commands

ovstop -c somjboss

ovstart -c somjboss

NOTE: The jboss-logging.xml  might get overwritten when you upgrade to a newer SOM Version and you might have to reconfigure the settings.