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(SOM) Support Tip: OBR License CLI to use

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(SOM) Support Tip: OBR License CLI to use

Hello SE/SOM Community,

since SOM 10.10 with Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) was released a while ago, the one or other might expierence issues with accessing Business Objects (BO) Reports. SOM and OBR come with an 'Instant-On' license of 60 days. If this license expires, you will get a notice in the OBR Administration Console. Since the BO license is linked to the OBR license, you won't be able to start BO related servers being reported as 'Disabled' in the 'Enabled' column, or the Servers in BO's Central Management Console (CMC) might state 'Initializing' as well as 'Running with Errors'.

The OBR documenation mentions the tool '/opt/HP/BSM/PMDB/bin/' which is not going to work, even if you have a XDisplay configured.

The correct tool to use for the moment is '/opt/HP/BSM/PMDB/bin/SHRLicenseManager', which supports the following options:

"lists the status of the license,  days before expiration etc."

-install <path_and_LicenseFilename>             
"installs a new license"

"uninstalls the current license"

"re-installs the Instant-On license where remaining days are NOT reset to 60 days. This option is only valid if your
Instant-On License was still valid and you un-installed it by accident or for trouble-shooting."

If your OBR License was expired and you installed a new one, it will be required to enable the Servers in BO's CMC and start them in order to be able to access BO again.