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(SOM) Support Tip: Discovery process doesn't kick off.

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(SOM) Support Tip: Discovery process doesn't kick off.

Hi SOM Community,

just a hint if the Discovery doesn't kick off and the log context might show old or no data (if logs rolled over) -
Main purpose seen for this issue so far, is that the you might have exceeded the number of licensed MAPs (Managed Access Points),
which prevents that a Discovery starts.
Before you raise a support case, please check in SOM the Consumed and License Capacity (MAPs).

To verify the License Consumption/Capacity press in the SOM UI:

a) Help -> About Storage Operations Operations Manager Software -> Licensing Information
b) Help -> System Information -> View Licensing Information

If the Consumption number is equal or higher than the Capacity number, a Discovery will fail without further notice (if the Instant-On License expired).

A word about Instant-On and License Extensions.

Recently many 'Proof of Concepts' (PoCs) with SOM have been started. Some of you might have already crossed the 60 Days for the
'Instant-On' License and might have received some additional License Extension from SOM Sales/Pre-Sales in order to do further testing with SOM.
The Instant-On License basically has an unlimited number of MAPs that can be used (even though the license page reports 250 Maps for the Instant-On License Capacity).
The Instant-On License cannot be extended and you might have received an additional Evaluation License that expires after some days. With this
additional Evaluation License, the MAPs really count and cannot be exceeded. There can be the situation that you e.g. consumed with the Instant-On license
already e.g. 3000 MAPs and the Evaluation License Extension provided by SOM Sales/Pre-Sales only covers e.g. 1500 Maps, which will prevent any
new Discovery or discovering existing Devices (Nodes) in SOM again.

Feel free to ask if you have questions regarding this topic.

Best Regards,