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(SOM) Support Tip: Coexistance of SOM 10.20 and OA 12.x

Micro Focus Expert

(SOM) Support Tip: Coexistance of SOM 10.20 and OA 12.x

Hello SOM Community,

Here's some important information in case you have OM/OMi within your environment and are using older versions of the Operations Agent (OA).

With SOM 10.20 it was made to be compatible with OA 12.x.  The challenge is that this process updates the version of Perl that is used.

While SOM 10.20 works with OA 12.x without any problems.  This is not the case with OA 11.x.

OA 11.x uses an older version of Perl.  If OA 11.x exists on the SOM management server before SOM 10.20 is installed, it will break it.   It has been seen to break certificate communications also.

We have been informed that the OA 12.x should be backwards compatible with the older OMi versions.  This has not been confirmed yet.

I hope that this information is helpful and can help avoid some challenges within your environments.

Good luck with your SOM environments.



Mark Butler
Micro Focus SW Support Engineer