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(SE) Support Tip: Report Optimizer's 'wrapper.log' file size might grow to an excessive amount.

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(SE) Support Tip: Report Optimizer's 'wrapper.log' file size might grow to an excessive amount.

Hello SOM/SE Community,

for those still having Storage Essentials (SE) and Report Optimizer (RO) 9.7 in production, there was a minor
issue found with regards to the 'PullMVs' logging File size and Log File location ('wrapper.log').
The issue is only seen, when RO has been installed on a Windows Operating System.
PullMVs is the process that copies the Data from the SE Database (Reporting Tables aka. Materialized Views)
to the RO Server in order to report on the same. There is a Windows Service called 'AppStormReportDB', which is
Java based, on the RO Server (or on the SE Server, if SE and RO running on the same Server (single Server Deployment)).

The following reasons have been identified why the Log File 'wrapper.log' can grow to an unwanted size over time:

- Log File Size and amount of Log Files (roll-overs) are not configured by the Installazion Wizard
- Directory where the 'wrapper.log' should get stored is not being created

In order to fix the issue proceed with the following steps on the RO Server :

-Stop the AppStormReportDB Service

-Use the WIndows File Explorer and navigate into the following directory
%ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\conf (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\conf)

-Edit the file 'wrapper.conf'

-search for the two lines

-Change the parameters of these line e.g. into

This will set the log files to an amount of 3 Files whith each 10MB in total.

-Save the 'wrapper.conf'

-crerate a directory named 'logs' in %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\ (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\)
 so that afterwards a directory %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs)

-Start the AppStormReportDB Service

-Check if a 'wrapper.log' file gets generated under:
%ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs)

You can delete the bigger 'wrapper.log' file in %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\bin (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\bin)