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SE 9.5 discover EVA failed

Chris shi
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SE 9.5 discover EVA failed



The command view has been installed in the proxy server. And I can see the P6000 info using the CV.


While I discover the EVA using SE 9.5, I got the following error message.


FAILED as HPEVA_Provider for:
EVA discovery determined that we should use the external SMI-S provider


I have no idea about this, please give me some advices.


Thank you very much!

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Re: SE 9.5 discover EVA failed

Possible that SE 9.5.0's mapping file does not have the updated entry required to support SMI-S v1.5 profiles, would be recommended to apply SE 9.5.0 SP1, aka SE 9.5.1, aka


Service Pack/Patches are available on the SSO portal for download:


Download Stoage Essentials Service Packs from the SSO portal. SE 9.5.0 SP1 aka SE 9.5.1 (
Be sure to search for v9.5.0 to locate the patch, as if you search v9.5.1 you will return no results (as there is no SP2)


Also, important to assure that the SMI-S provider on the CV SBM server is installed and functioning correctly. In some cases, generally where an upgrade of CV was done instead of a fresh installation, there are missing components which prevent the CIMOM or provider from responding as expected (all other aspects of CV appear to work correctly)


Troubleshooting would start with running local cxmofd commands against the CV server to assure that the expected arrays/controllersare shown:


Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SMI-S\CXWSCimom\bin\cxmofd.bat.


cxmofd –h http://localhost -l username:password -n root/eva -o cim_computersystem


Example output:


// enumerating "root\\eva:cim_computersystem"





If this responded correctly, then confirm that the same credentials are used for SE discovery. If not, I would recommend opening a support case with CV team, or, uninstalling, cleaning up, rebooting, and re-installing CV.








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