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New Data Collection policy benifits

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New Data Collection policy benifits

Hello Community,

I have been using a default data collection policy to collect inventory data of storage elements(switches, 3PARs and HOsts) in my environment.

I didn't see any additional advantages by creating a NEW data collection policy.

Limited information related to data collection policies is mentioned in the SOM user's guide.

How do one's get benifited by creating a new data collection policy, Any suggestions please ?





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Re: New Data Collection policy benifits

Hello Hari,

For most people, there would not be any benefit by creating multiple data collection policies.

There are situations where you could benefit from having one policy for certain devices and another policy for other devices.  An example would be that if you had a number of large arrays that required more time for collection, you could change the data to be collected every 72hrs rather than 24hrs for everything else.

You could also collect data more frequently for specific devices that you wanted data to be more current.

Basically, it is only helpful if you need to collect data for some devices at a different frequency than others.

I hope that this is helpful.



Mark Butler
Micro Focus SW Support Engineer
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Re: New Data Collection policy benifits

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your answer, Initially I thought it will be useful to collect additional information if I create a new DC policy.

Now I understood the benifit,


BR/ Hari