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HP XP Performance Monitoring

Cormac O'Reilly
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HP XP Performance Monitoring

hi guys,


We are unable to view performance statistics for our XP’s on Storage Essentials.


We had it working previously, then changed our performance licence over to our 3Pars and since we have changed them back to XP we cannot view statistics.

I am getting the error message “ there is not enough data to produce a chart”.

I am also getting an error in event manager as follows:


2014-02-25   17:09: Error for Storage System 75222 CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND   HdsMediaAccessStatDataTag can't find stats for volumes for array: 75222 at


We have a win 2003 32 bit proxy server running CIM 9.5.1 and Raid Manager Library.


any help greatly appreciated





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Re: HP XP Performance Monitoring

Hi Cormac,
I've met this error, but it was well after I delete this XP and Discoveried it once again... maybe you can try it, although it's not a perfect idea.