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HP Report Optimizer

Oswaldo Fernand
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HP Report Optimizer


I have installed HP Storage Essentials 6.3 and i tryed to install Report Optimizer in the same server but the installation failed, i checked the HP SE 6.3 documentation and there is a uninstall script


But according to this documentation the uninstallation is complete, i mean, the scripts uninstall even HP Storage Essentials, i just need to install ReportDatabase and ReportOptimizer.

Any help, thanks



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Re: HP Report Optimizer

Hi Oswaldo

From the Installation Guide:

To uninstall SRM Report Optimizer:
1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
2. Select HP SRM Report Optimizer and click Remove.

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2 or BusinessObjects
Enterprise XI R2 Service Pack 3. These programs are removed when HP SRM Report Optimizer is
removed. The entries for these programs will remain in Add or Remove Programs until you close the
panel and reopen it. You can also verify that they have been removed by pressing F5 to refresh the
The uninstallation process generates around 70MB of log files. These files are written to the root
directory of the installation folder.

Oswaldo Fernand
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Re: HP Report Optimizer

Hi O.G

It does not work, error appears when you try to uninstall from Control Panel.

"HP SRM Roport Optimizer must be uninstalled using uninstall scripts in the SRM_Uninstall_6_3 directory."

but i wonder how to uninstall using the scripts without uninstall Storage Essentials i just need to uninstall Rpt Optimizer.

Thanks again
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Re: HP Report Optimizer


I am also trying to install the report optimizer but it fails when installing business object (BOXIR32SP1setup.exe) causes a runtime error. Did you have the same error ? See attached screenshot.

Oswaldo Fernand
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Re: HP Report Optimizer

He Stefan.

I solved this problem uninstalling Visual C++ in the server.