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GAED locking out user account


GAED locking out user account



I'm running SE 6.3 Enterprise, and I've recently run into a problem whereby my user account is being locked out during the execution of a GAED collector process.


The problem first manifested on the day following a change in my account password; however I have been able to access SE, its servers, and indeed any server in my domain without difficulty.


There are no services running under this user account, and I have gone so far as to amend the password of the account within SE to ensure there's no conflict.


I've narrowed the problem down to three possible objects, each of which returns errors in the GAED report - I ran a Stage2/3 discovery of these objects, which duly locked out my user account. Two of the clients are SAN management servers, the third forms part of our email infrastructure.


I've attached a sample of the GAED result - if anybody can suggest what's happening, I'd appreciate the input.


As a relative newcomer to SE, I'm still getting to grips with the product, so please forgive me if I've inadvertently omitted any details that might be important...





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Re: GAED locking out user account

Hi Bob,

The "ERROR replicating" messages shouldn't hold you back from loging in.

GAED can consume resources on the system, ie, memory and CPU but unless the system is over taxed, should allow you to login.

You might want to look at this log file to see if it sheds any light:

C:\HP\StorageEssentials\logs\userAudit.xxxx.log  where "xxx" is a date code.  This is a user audit log that shows login access. 


If  I read your note correctly, with no GAED running, you can login fine?


You may also want to open up a Support case with HP.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

Re: GAED locking out user account

Thanks Anthony,


And apologies for the late reply...


I had a look at log files as you suggested, but didn't find anything obvious.


I did identify a couple of data collectors that seemed to be responsible, so I switched them off, but it's only a temporary measure.


Looks like I'll be logging a call - I'll post if I get a solution...



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