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Discovering new Brocade Switches

Cormac O'Reilly
Occasional Advisor

Discovering new Brocade Switches



we are currently upgrading from Cisco SAN Switches to Brocade Director class SAN switches, we have completed one leg of the move and i now want to see my new switches in SE.

i have followed the instructions per the manual for discovering Brocade switches. When i do a test of the proxy server in step one i can see the 4 new switches but they or the proxy server are not showing up in step 2 or step 3 and i cannot see them in system manager.


is there anything else that i have to do? any help appreciated



using SE 6.3 btw

anthony bento
Super Collector

Re: Discovering new Brocade Switches


Sounds like you are nearly there. You won't see the switches in System Manager until you have done a Step 3 of Discovery. In Step 3, look for the IP Address of the Proxy host you used and make sure to check off the box next to it.  Then on the far right side of the page in the "grey box" area, click on "Get Details".


See the screenshot attached.

Cormac O'Reilly
Occasional Advisor

Re: Discovering new Brocade Switches

Thanks for your reply Anthony


However, i cannot see any sign of my brocades in step 2 or step 3. do i need to install the Brocade SMI agent i wonder?

 the only time i can see them is when i do a test in step 1 of discovery.






Regular Collector

Re: Discovering new Brocade Switches

Brocade fabric discovery is only possible via Brocade SMI-Agent proxy with SE 6.3 (and/or Brocade Network Advisor in SE 9.4 or later). Installation and configuration of SMI-Agent on a suported proxy server is pretty straight forward, you will need to add 1 fabric switch as as proxy for each fabric to the proxy server - using admin (AD0) account. Depending on the configuration of SMI-Agent you can use a local or domain user for discovery from SE Setup Step 1 page. If you have installed an SE CIM Extension on the proxy host, it would be recommended to stop the CIM Extension service until after you have successfully performed discovery (Step 1) and subsequent "Get Details" (Step 3) processes and have all data shoing up for your fabrics. (Note: Step 2 is redundant and can be skipped)

Wiley Thrasher
Storage Management Expert
HP Storage TCE and Quality Tiger Team
WW L3 Pre-sales Support
Hewlett-Packard Company
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