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Discovering SQL 2008 Cluster.

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Discovering SQL 2008 Cluster.

When adding an SQL cluster to Application viewer in Storage Essentials 9.5.1 is the PORT NUMBER that of the HOST IP or the MANAGEMENT IP.


I have given one of the physical cluster nodes as the HOST IP/DNS NAME and the cluster resource as the MANAGEMENT IP/DNS NAME.

The PORT NUMBER which I have given is that of the MANAGEMENT IP/DNS NAME which I am told is the port on which SQL listens.


When I test the setup it fails to connect to the database suggesting that I validate the following:

1) IP Address and Port               ------- Which IP Address

2) Server Name                          ------- The HOST name is correct and the user account provided can login.

3) Managed DB User Account.   ------- The user account provided can connect to the DB.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Discovering SQL 2008 Cluster.



Try swapping the fields you populated...



The Host IP/DNS Name will be the Virtual Cluster IP address.

The Managment IP/DNS Name will be the public IP of the physical cluster node (node 1 for example)

The Port (default) : 1433



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