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Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?

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Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?

I use HP SE to supervise storage array,and find it can't discovery some storage array.
From the log I find the following info:

[2013-05-03 18:11] Probing for SMI-S Server (cxws)
[2013-05-03 18:11]    cxws:// No response received
[2013-05-03 18:11] Probing for SMI-S Server (https)
[2013-05-03 18:11] Successfully contacted provider with user=admin
[2013-05-03 18:11] Mapping file not found for Nex_StorageSystem, Profile=Array, Version=1.5.0
[2013-05-03 18:11] Mapping file not found for Nex_StorageSystem, Profile={2}, Version={3}
[2013-05-03 18:11]    
[2013-05-03 18:11]    FAILED as SMI-S Server for:

I have asked the storage technical support.They say their storage support SMI-1.5,and it seems SE doesn't support this version
from the log.They ask me to use their old storage array using SMI-S 1.4 to compare,and I find it can be discovered.
Does it means that HP SE doesn't support SMI-S 1.5?
Or How can I use it to supervise storage array with SMI-S 1.5

Hope someone can help me ...

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Re: Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?



You don't actually mention what type of storage array your are trying to add to SE. Although it seems odd that your SE output is 10 months old.


The latest version of Storage Essentials is 9.6.1.  It would be worth checking the support matrices to see if your array is supported by SE.



With regard to SMI-S 1.5 support, here is the output from one of my EVA arrays:


[2014-03-14 08:57]    SUCCESS as SMI-S Server for: https://server:5989
[2014-03-14 08:57]       Mapping: HP EVA
[2014-03-14 08:57]       SMI-S version: 1.5.0
[2014-03-14 08:57]       Device: 5000xxxxxxxxxx

[2014-03-14 08:57]       NameSpace: /root/eva
[2014-03-14 08:57]       Profile: Array
[2014-03-14 08:57]       Communication Protocol: https





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Re: Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?

hi David,


      Thanks for your reply.


      The storage array we use is HUAWEI OceanStor 18000.And I find it is not listed in SE support matrices.


      I ask Huawei technical support, and they say that they have already gained the SNIA certification,see the following address:


      They don't know why SE can't manage their latest array but can manage their old array(with SMI-S version 1.4).From the log they say  it may be SE don't have the map file.


      Is there any difference between 9.6.0 and 9.6.1?


      What can I do if I want SE to manage my all storage array?


      Looking forward for your reply.







Re: Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?


I have past your request on to our Product Management for future support planning.

Can you provide us your contact details for Huawei support? My email contact details are



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Re: Can HP SE support SMI-S 1.5?



I'm Huawei technical support contact, spring. the question tongrenyuan asked have consult with me, i will send you a mail for detail.