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CIM agent comparison between agent-less and agent-based

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CIM agent comparison between agent-less and agent-based

Hi Team,


I am assessing the benifits or parameters which could be get from CIM agent for host discovery. I have gone through various white papers for this assessment, but still I couldnt find the required details.

Can anyone help me to understand what are the additional/overall benifits/parameters could be obtained from Agent based installation compare to Agnet less installation (referring the installation of CIM agent in Windows hosts).

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Re: CIM agent comparison between agent-less and agent-based



If you are simply collecting basic host information, then there may be only minor differences between the two discovery methods.  One difference would be that the agentless approach is slower than the agent (CIM extension) approach.  Also, the agentless method of discovery has a much smaller list of hosts OS's that are supported.  Even if the OS is supported, the version of the OS may not be supported for Agentless when it is with the CIM extension.


Additional point that make a big difference is that the following features are only supported if you are using the CIM extension on the host:

  • File System Viewer
  • Monitoring applications
  • Backup Manager


There is an agentless approach to Data Protector, but not other Backup applications.


I hope that this helps answer your question.





Mark Butler
Micro Focus SW Support Engineer