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Brocade SMI Agent fails to login to Proxy

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Brocade SMI Agent fails to login to Proxy

I am using the Brocade SMI Agent 120.7.2a installed on a Windows 2003 SP2 platform.

I have a dual fabric environment with 2 HP 8/40 in each fabric. They are running V6.2.0g FOS.

When I try and add a proxy switch I get login fails.
The provider.xml looks ok. The SMI Agent logs just say they connot communicate with the switches.

Looking at the switch from the root logon, I ran the chkconfig | grep rpc and that shows the RPCD service as on.
However when I try: PS -EAF | GREP RPD
I do not get the expected results just a empty grep response. According to the trouble shooting guide I should get a response something like : 00:00:04 /fabos/libexec/rpcd -S fcsw -s 0

This is happening on all 4 SAN switches. I have followed the Brocade SMI Agent troublesooting doc to the letter and everything seems to point at the RPC service not running on the switches but I find this hard to believe or understand.

I need this so I can continue with a Storage Essentials install.

Can anyone help?



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Re: Brocade SMI Agent fails to login to Proxy

We have the same exact issue in 2011.  the SMI-Agent will not connect to the Switch and the 'ps -eaf | grep rpcd' indicates the daemon is not running.  


What we need it the commands to start the PRCD and EVMD on these broacade (Hp storageworks) switches. 


How do we start these daemons and how to ensure they will restart with switch is rebooted?