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Average Storage Essentials Implementation duration

Cem Canbulan
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Average Storage Essentials Implementation duration

Of course not any implementation are same but to get any rough idea, can you share your success stories on implementing Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition? How long the project lasts? Any draft project plan?

I am going to start a data center management project and one of the components is Storage Essentials EE.

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Cem Canbulan



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James Muell
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Re: Average Storage Essentials Implementation duration

The SE agent needs to be installed on all hosts.
The Hosts all have to have an SE approved HAB, driver & fw versions running. See SE Matrix
All host configurations need to be on the SE Matrix, incl storage sys down to the os\fw version
The SE mgmt server inst for windows is fairly easy. If yr running HP servers, ie Proliants, dont install all the System insight package the first go. These can always be added later. Some may cause problems.
Disc Switches first, storage second. hosts last. This can all be done in 1-2 days.

I found the linux version more difficult to install and alot less install documentation.