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Synchronisation Documentation



Is there any documentation available on how the SharePoint/TRIM integration works in relation to disaster recovery, ie. TRIM has been down, but SharePoint still availble (or vice versa) and we have to restore the databases.


How does it synchronise what's already manage and identify what should be managed.





Neil Summers
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Re: Synchronisation Documentation

Hi Simon,


I don't believe there's any standard documentation as detailed and specific to this type of DR situation as you're after. I'll make some enquiries and see if I can come up with something helpful for you.


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Re: Synchronisation Documentation

Good question. Would be interested in the response...
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Re: Synchronisation Documentation



SharePoint - TRIM integration is (80% Sharepoint - 30% TRIM, most of the configuration is at SharePoint side and stays there with few exceptions for HP TRIM Event processing).


HP TRIM has its own DR (Primary - Secondary workgroup) as well as SQL DB being replicated to other SQLDB for protection etc.  SP - TRIM integration does provide the TRIM DR capability in form of  confuguration settings for Secondary TRIM workgroup. To force Sync, you need to reapply the Life Time Management policy that will trigger the HP integration background processes to initiate.


NB: If your TRIM was down that means SP documents were not pushed to TRIM, however if you mean that you restore the TRIM DB prior to your SP TRIM integration configuration then you need to Reactivate the integration at Web Application Level and do the Sync through RMO and Life Time management level.