Suppressmlis option

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Suppressmlis option

By default the HP TRIM Search Results webpart includes the "[suppressmlis]" append to query option.  When I try to remove it and save the web part settings, it instantly gives an error stating that access is denied to view meta-data.  It does this when I put a default query into the web part.  If I don't put a default query then it gives me an access denied error at the site level.


Has anyone ever successfully removed this option?  Are there are (maybe undocumented) ways of ensuring TRIM returns results even if they are managed list items?



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Re: Suppressmlis option

I got the same error and then tried dsformatted and got the results. Hope this helps.


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Erik Wold
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Re: Suppressmlis option

Erik, Check out this url for other ways to see what works and how for the search web part. It's the query template url for HP TRIM, in CA.



shows registered this year filtered for record type 1

then you can substitute suppressmlis and dsformatted as needed.