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Datasource path changed

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Datasource path changed





I created some test scripts in HP Service test 11.2  on the C:, and linked an excel file from the same directory as the data source. I then put a copy of these scripts on another machine in a different drive (F:) and then tried to open these scripts. HP Service test reports an error that it cannot open the scripts because the associated excel files are not be found in C:.

HP Service seems to force you to specify the file location as an absolute path. Is it possible in HP Service test to associate files using a relative path just like with QTP tests,or is there an alternative solution that can handle this.  



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Re: Datasource path changed

I found that no metter where your script is located, HP thinks it's on C drive. I performed the following test with creating a file:

1. The test is located here: D:\UFT\Data\MQ\Tests

2. I want to create a file test.txt and I specify the path as ..\..\Messages and run the test

3. The test fails with error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\HP\Messages\test.txt'