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multiple assignee in Tasks (Todo)

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multiple assignee in Tasks (Todo)

Hi Experts,


In our Change Management Module, we have in the deployment task 2 fields: Assignee & Peer Reviewer.


For a specific status for example "To Be deployed", we need the task to show for the Assignee in the Todo Queue.


For the Status "To be Reviewed", we need the task to show for the peer reviewer & not the assignee.


How can we achieve that? is that possible?


I added the Peer reviewer in the Assigned To in the cm3t Object, but how can I modify the TodoMap or Todo.




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Re: multiple assignee in Tasks (Todo)

1. define a new field in cm3t, f.e. assigned.to2.

2. With a trigger type 3 (before update) set this field to value of or peer.reviewer, depending on actual changed status.

3. in TodoMap use in column ModuleField assigned.to2 and instead of


These actions work only for new tickets. To make it visible on exisiting objects too, you can use massupdate for ToDo or write a small javascript function, to update the ToDo list:

  - loop all open tasks

  - update

This will actualize ToDo List populate the new field assigned.to2