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how to create macros


how to create macros

how to create macros

John Stagaman
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Re: how to create macros

What do you need to do?


Not "create a macro". What is the functional objective? Do you need to configure clocks? Send notifications? etc.

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Re: how to create macros



As John said, what are you looking for to do on your system?


You can check the online help for information about this but depending on your needs you can also explore other options.




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Re: how to create macros


As stated above , macro is vast domain and may be configured for various purpose.
To create a macro, type macros in command line here click on add and then you may create your own macro depending on your requirements. May refer OOB macros too.

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Re: how to create macros



If you want the instructions to creating a macro

These are the steps to create macro and activityactions entry:


1- Type macros in SM command line

2- Click add to create a new macro

3- Populate fields:

a- Name

b- Applies When: Interaction Records are saved

c- Macro Type: Call A RAD Routine

d- COndition true.

4- Set parameters

Application to call =>sc.activity

Parameters / Values

file / $

second.file / $L.old

text / update

boolean1 / false

5. Click Save and OK.

6. Normally SM will require restart for the macro to be available in memory.

7. Add activityaction record

8. Type db in SM command line

9. Table activityactions and check administration mode

10. Name Update Activities and table incidents}

11. Add a new entry


Name: Background Process

Condition: $ and not same(open in $L.file, open in $

Description: {"Updated by: "+operator()}


12. Save the record.

13. Check incidents format control and verify "Save Copy" setting is enable.

14. Open an interaction and escalate it to Incident.

15. Wait for linker to move status to Open - Idle to Open Linked.

16. Check History Activities a new entry shoud exist for this last update.

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