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date formatting

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date formatting

We are using HPSM 9.30 version in client location.We are going to deliver HPSM 9.30 Email Solution as per the custoemr requirement..Stuck with a problem....



1) Reported Date format field having the value “$RECORD.downtime_start”. Means from the Current record we are getting that Value. The value in the current record is 08/10/13 00:38:09.But when it coming into the Email it is coming as Tue Oct 08 2013 00:38:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time).

So we want in the format (Example : 03/10/2013 12:01:09 AM).



downtime_start is the database field name..$RECORD is current record in HPSM....


In Expression Part after downlaoding Unl i found this info..But now how to change this value 13/10/13 20:35:07....


var timestring = "";
var timezone = "";
  timestring = system.vars.$lo_time_zone;
  timezone = timestring;

if(timestring) timestring = timestring +" ";

timestringtimestringtimestring = timestring +system.functions.str(system.functions.tod()) + ":";



tod() function has to change the value to 13/10/13 20:35:07...


Can you please help me on this ........




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Re: date formatting



check this doc out

it may give you an idea.

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