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contacts are showing as case sensitive in HPSM 7.01

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contacts are showing as case sensitive in HPSM 7.01

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i am using HPSM 7.01 , and all contacts are uploded in HPSM . the issue is the contacts are woring as case sensitive to fetch datas and to register a new ticket . is there any option to remove this case sensitive option . kindly suggest .

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Re: contacts are showing as case sensitive in HPSM 7.01

There is no file-by-file case sensitivity. At startup, SM detects the collation settings of the backend RDBMS and enables/disables case sensitive mode automatically. 


There is some code which always converts to upper case, but even then if the database is set to case-insensitive it is only a cosmetic issue: you can query it with mixed/lower case. 


If you've configured the database to be case-sensitive, you could update the link records to case convert before executing the fill link expression. For a case-sensitive environment, however, I generally recommend forcing case for fields (e.g. full name, assignment groups) so that you can convert case on the form and end users never have to be concerned about case. If you loaded the contact information using mixed case data on a case-insenstive system, I'd convert the data to either upper or lower case (for any fields that you allow a search or fill against).


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