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While upgrading the Old-format-database

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While upgrading the Old-format-database



While upgrading the Old-format-database i got error "shown in below log"


4 End of verification
2013/12/10 07:20:34.547 2 4 A new license is activated
2013/12/10 07:20:34.968 2 4 Executing import scenario 'system'...
2013/12/10 07:20:34.968 3 4 Executing element 'E:\\HP\\Asset Manager 9.40 en\\migration\\from522\\upgrade.lst'...
2013/12/10 07:20:34.968 4 4 Command '\"E:\\HP\\Asset Manager 9.40 en\\bin\\amimpl.exe\" -srclist:'E:\\HP\\Asset Manager 9.40 en\\migration\\from522\\upgrade.lst' -dst:'HDSA_POCHDSA' -dstpass:$pwd$' will be executed.
2013/12/10 07:20:35.171 8 4 Asset Manager Import - Data import module\n(c) Copyright 1994-2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.\nVersion 9.40.10487 of 6/5/2013
2013/12/10 07:20:35.436 8 4 FIPS mode for the SSL library successfully enabled.
2013/12/10 07:20:39.663 8 1 (-2000) The user name or password is incorrect
2013/12/10 07:20:40.225 4 1 (2000) Error while executing command 'E:\\HP\\Asset Manager 9.40 en\\migration\\from522\\upgrade.lst'




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Re: While upgrading the Old-format-database



Not sure if this is the same issue but I noticed the errror about username or password is incorrect


When updating the password, the ADB log shows that the password value  is being truncated. The password generated when logging in (which is not truncated) does not match the truncated value stored in the database.


Workaround / Fix

Checking the LoginPassword field length on the database via the Application designer, it was found that the field length had been changed to 20.  The field length should be set to 100 and not be changed. To fix the issue, change the LoginPassword field length to 100

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