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Weird behavior when reverting to initial phase

Justin Parrott
Super Contributor.

Weird behavior when reverting to initial phase

If a normal user of the change management process, right clicks to bring up the sub menu and selects "Revert to initial phase", a submit button appears at the top but no save button. If the user then clicks that submit button, it completely bypasses the change approval process and goes to the next phase. This is very bad. Luckily most people don't know this exists but this is unacceptable behavior.

When a sysadmin or change manager performs the same functionality, a save button appears at the top which when clicked, reverts you back successfully to the initial phase. This is the desired behavior.

Another side note, if the user reverts to initial phase, ignores clicking the submit button, and clicks back to get out of the ticket but then re-enters the ticket, it will be in the initial phase.

Please let me know how to fix this issue. Listed below are the system specs we are using:

Server OS: RHEL 5
Client OS: Windows XP
Server SM version: 7.11.224
Client SM version: 7.11.224
Web SM version: 7.11.224
DB: Oracle 10 Enterprise Edition

This behavior has been tested in both the web client and thick client and it does the same thing in each environment. Also, there are no errors in the logs when this happens. Any help would be great. Thank you.
Audrey H.
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Weird behavior when reverting to initial phase


My environment is SM7.01 and I don't have this "Revert to initial phase" displayoption/button (is this an oob option?)I have some other "move phase" options, so I can give you some ideas.

After clicking on the "Revert to ..." button, does the Change ticket immediately move to the "initial phase" and is only waiting to be saved? Also, what displayscreen is the ticket presented in after clicking the "Revert..." button? If you look at the displayoptions for the displayscreen, there should be one or more for your Submit and Save buttons. You should review the Actions and Conditions for these displayoptions/buttons to see why they behave differently and why Submit is presented for certain users and Save for others. Perhaps you can test falsing out the Submit button and making the Save button available for all your users, but you should do this in a Dev environment and test it extensively to make sure you don't lose the use of buttons you need in other instances.

In my environment all my "moving phase" displayoptions call an action, Process etc. that has a save event built in, so the Save button is only for if they add additional information to the ticket after the phase change. The Cancel button will Cancel out of the ticket, but will not Cancel the phase move.