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Upgrade Service Manager 7.22 to 9.2

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Upgrade Service Manager 7.22 to 9.2

Hello everyone,


can anybody tell me, which files (documents and patch files themselves; links would be fine :) ) I have to use for this purpose, please? I couldn't figure it out, yet.

I already found the document called HP Service Manager Version 9.3 "Upgrade Guide (from HP Service Manager 7.1x)" , will this be a good source to do the upgrade (also to version 9.20)?


Thanks a lot in advance!

Regards, Till

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Re: Upgrade Service Manager 7.22 to 9.2


Yes that doc is enough to upgrade the SM, you have to follow the doc step by step.
First go through full cod thoroughly.
You would reuqires number of insatllater like clinet,web tier, SM rte etc, so to get these you must have proper support or may get same from some friend.

also you must be experience in tailoring the SM very well as during conflict resolution it is must to understand the logic an expressions of SM.


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