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URL to enter in specific form of interaction

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URL to enter in specific form of interaction

Can i do that.

SM send email to user, this email contain URL, when user press this url - browser open my form for incidents table.


1) generate such url

2) open using a separate form (for example form name is "myform")

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Re: URL to enter in specific form of interaction



 yes , it can be done. For the saparate for m you will need to create it with Forms designer and for the URL you need to know the following:


Generating Web tier URL queries
If you have installed a Web tier, you can have Service Manager server generate URL queries to your Web tier that display specific records in your applications. You can use these generated URL queries to programmatically send links to your users when records are opened, updated, or closed. Service Manager offers the following out-of-box methods for generating valid Web tier URL queries.

Create custom JavaScript that uses the makeSCWebURL method. You can invoke your custom JavaScript from a macro or RAD expression.
Create custom notification records that use the Web tier URLs defined in the system information record.
When a user clicks on a generated URL query (link), Service Manager requires the user to log in before displaying the requested data, although the user can bypass the login screen if you have enable trusted sign-on on the Web tier.

By default, the Service Manager server secures Web tier URL queries by including a unique hash key in the URL. This unique key prevents people from modifying the URL and attempting to access restricted parts of your system. If the URL query does not match the unique hash key, Service Manager displays a warning message in the log file.

If you want to generate URL queries outside of Service Manager you can disable the unique hash key using the querysecurity parameter. Disabling this parameter in the Service Manager initialization file allows the server to accept URL queries without a unique hash key. If you disable the security hash, access to tables is controlled by the Document Engine. To restrict access to tables through the Document Engine, you must enable security features such as format control or application profiles that restrict access at the operator level.

Web tier URL format

Service Manager requires generated web tier URLs to use the following format.

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Re: URL to enter in specific form of interaction

Thank you for answer.
Yes, we have already WEBTier (selfservice portal - with SSO and some message-notification in SM.

How can i make the URL or i can just use this one that you give for example and may be use instead of

And how to use the right form when loaded via the URL ?