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To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.

Service Mgr 7 X

To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.

When a User logs request,the Operator is intimated by the email about the interaction information.When he checks the email there should be hyperlink in the email where by clicking it should directly take them to the Operator's Logon page(,rather than going to open the browser and typing the URL.
In the same way when Operator closes the user will be receiving the email stating that his request has been closed should have hyperlink of the Users URL.

r. saran
Occasional Visitor

Re: To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.


It is simple and you can do it two ways.

1. If you want to launch service manager web tier (, add a label control with service manager URL in your mail format file.
The requester/operator will get the email with hyperlinks.

2. If your service manager has configured with single sign-on (integrated with AD), refer the online help server in service manager, to configure the web tier hyperlink in your mail notifications. This hyperlink directly will take you to the ticket.
(Help Server: Tailoring->Web Client and self service tailoring options->sending web tier URLs through e-mail notifications)

Hope this helps you

Re: To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.

Sounds good. Afaik, you will not be taken directly to the ticket, but to a QBE list with just one entry and then you have to click the entry to get to the ticket.

But the good news is that in SM7x there is a field essNullDisplay in the interaction environment record. If you set this to false, you will be taken directly to the item instead of the QBE list with one entry. Note that the field is not on any form, so you have to set it in debugger or add it to the form yourself.

BTW - does anybody know whether the "create URL" can be used for other items (problem, incident, CI, contact to name a few) as well, and whether it can be crated for "Web Client" users as well (not just ESS)?
Suresh G P
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Re: To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.

You can use the parameter $L.web.url in the Notification Engine Arguments.

For ESS (Self Service), use $L.ess.url in the Notification Engine Arguments

This is quite simple and convenient to have a look at the Ticket from the email itself.


Re: To add Hyperlink in the email Notification.

You can also use the macros. Please find a sample attached.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event