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Timezone issue with Javascript

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Timezone issue with Javascript

i have now struggling with a TimeZone issue for also 24h and i need some more braintrust here.

I receive a date/time stamp (in a text field), through a web-service, there is storing all the information in at temp table. A trigger on the temp table is creating a incident with the information there is received. The date / time stamp are in UTC time and look like this <CustomerSpecific4>09/26/2013 14:09:28</CustomerSpecific4>

The user there is logging into the web-service has "Greenwich/Universal" as timezone and the date format "mm/dd/yyyy".

After the trigger has run are the date/time stamp in the DB now "2013-09-26 12:09:28.000" and that is total unexpected. because it's 2h offset from the expected timestamp.

The code the is inserting the date into incident is this

var insertdate = record.CustomerField4;
newIncident.AKZIncidentCreationDate =new Date(record.CustomerField4);