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Tablet Viewing

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Tablet Viewing

We are running SM 9.21 & Tomcat 6.1


Right now i'm testing my Desktop / Kindle Fire / Ipad devices.


our main ticket form is a subform that display different tabs based on variables of your user role.  


Right now i have a issue where the following happens:


Desktop: the right side of the form is cut off and I have no scroll bar


Kindle Fire: shows the whole form, but it seems like the width is stretched out


Ipad: same as desktop



If i dispaly just one of the forms direclty and don't use a subform then this is the issue I face.


Desktop: Normal


Kindle Fire: right side cut off


Ipad: right side cut off.



Any ideass?  I have a group that want to use ipads or andriod tablets to log tickets while they walk around with the wireless area.  Having issues getting the dispaly correct.