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Tab Stop on Incident Module

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Tab Stop on Incident Module

Hi experts,


I copied several OOB fields (example:  asignment,, affected.item) from tab A of the IM.update.incident format to tab B on the same format.  I noticed that the "tab stop" for the OOB assignment field is 2, is 3, and affected.item is 7.  However, for the copied fields, I changed the tab stop of those three fields to zero or -1. 


Doing so did not work,  when I display my incident, the focus goes to the copied "assignment" field (the one with tab stop 0) and not the original "assignment" field (the one with tab stop =2).


Does anyone have a suggestion how to prevent this from happening? 


My goal is to have the incident sets the focus on the original "assignment" field (the one that has tab stop =2), not the copied field (the one that has tab stop =0).



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Re: Tab Stop on Incident Module



Setting the focus relies on the “Name” property to be set for all the widgets on the format, or at least those on the path from main format to the widget to set focus to. This is here the group widget on top of notebook, the notebook, the first notebook tabs until this with the widget and then the widget itself.


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Re: Tab Stop on Incident Module



Thank you.  Your suggestion on setting the tab stop on the notebook worked.